Whose opinion matters?!

When I first created this blog I was still pregnant with our baby number five, three days later she was born! I am now a mother of five, the youngest being 2 weeks old. One of the many things I want to accomplish on this blog is to provide and gain insight on just how being a mother of “many” affects you in this day and age.
I was saddened by the recent news that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar miscarried their 20th baby. With the difficult labor and problems with baby Josie and Michelle’s age, and now another miscarriage many will say she needs to call it quits. What do you think? I too had a difficult pregnancy this last time and was convinced that I should get my tubes tied after birth. But why? Are we so focused on society’s views that our Christian vision is blurry?
The world looks at children as a burden and the mere thought of having more than society’s average 2.5 kids is absurd to them! When I’m out with my newest addition people walk up to see her (as they do with all babies), they comment on how cute she is etc. Then just as though it is necessary to ask they always inquire as to whether or not she is my first child. The other kids are in school so it’s usually just her and I and my hubby when out in the daytime. I let them know as enthusiastically as possible that she is my fifth! Some people have halfway congratulated me, some were sincere, and quite a few have been downright rude!
What gives people the right to feel as though they have a say so in how many children you have? We clearly provide for ourselves, receive no government assistance, and I work full time! I’m curious to know why we as a society feel so strongly about families with many children. Insight anyone?

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