I Grew Up!

I Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

We all have heard that scripture quoted many times; I am sure we have heard others use it as a sword to cut certain people. I will admit I was guilty of not really understanding it. I saw the word child and my mind (in a rather child-like manner) thought about a child speaking and only that. God has transformed my mind and it happened so quick I could not really tell you the day. All I know is one day I was focused on material things like I had usually been and then the next God said “Grow!”. And just like Lazarus got up; I instantly grew:) I began to think and pray on ways to clean up my childish mess….where was I the messiest? You guessed it! MY FINANCES! God showed me what really mattered and the same behavior I was on the phone defending to one of my best friends (Monica) a few months prior; I realized how wrong I really was. God showed me the error in my thinking on spending and how it was affecting my household, and eventually would affect my children.

The God I serve is so magnificent that He spoke to my husband as well and prevented any conflict within our marriage.
I grew up in a home where a poverty mindset was instilled in us; it wasn’t anyone’s fault, my mother was just doing what she was taught. I grew up in a church where members thought it was “a blessing” when they went to the car dealership and spent all of their tax refunds on a down payment for a car they could not afford….with a triple digit interest rate!!! (not really triple digit but you get my drift). I thought I was a cut above because I was not doing that, and we have saved for our children….but again just like God has shown me so many times. I WAS WRONG!
I am learning that money was not my problem but my behavior with money definitely was! I am happy to say that although I am simply crawling……I am finally crawling in the right direction when in concerns our finances. I learned that it was not my fault because I didn’t know better! I was never taught better! But God my Daddy sat me down and taught me how to be better. He showed me how to put away childish things! He isolated me, stripped me down, put me right bam smack in the middle of some debt free people ( I mean literally all of my neighbors are debt free or on their way to it!), and He kept strong encouragement from my brother and step-father to keep me in this process! Although Chris and I started Financial Peace University last week; today is the day I actually GREW UP! I am so thankful to God for giving me yet another chance to get “it right”. Mark it down 6/12/12…the day I grew up and learned to live for cash and not flash! I am so thankful for what God has in store for my life!

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