Today marks two years of being MADD!

Today marks the two year anniversary of my husband becoming an amputee! God has brought us a mighty long way during this time. I remember the nervousness and anxiousness on that dreaded morning.
The truth is, although Chris HAD to lose his leg…he could have prolonged the inevitable even longer than he did. However God saw fit for Oct 12, 2010 to be the day.
Some of the worst things I’ve seen for Chris (and this is just my perspective) is how much being without a leg has slowed him down. The middle of the night restroom trips, the sore residual limb from daily activities with his children, the pain this injury has caused to his back and right leg. I see him suffer and wince without complaint. I see him…I feel him.

For me, wow how can I complain? I really can’t. However on his behalf some of the worst things I’ve seen are the ignorant comments. The comments from family members and friends who have said ignorant things about his injury. The lack of empathy, and expectations for him to miraculously run a marathon tomorrow because they’ve seen it done on tv. Or often times the lack if empathy for his bouts of depression; as if he is not allowed to grieve his loss. Those hurt me the most.

This however, is not a sad memoir to mark the day with grief; but rather a celebration. Because through the adversity! We have overcome! Through the betrayal of our then church home and friends; through the lack of support and empathy…God provides!

There were some who have stood firm and to them I say thank you! We have made it! Our marriage has made it! Through mistakes, misguidance, depression, and a lack of knowledge our marriage is still standing. To the drunk driver who took our peace from us (for only a short time) I say, “God gave us back our peace! I pray you have sought Him for your own!”
I love you Chris!

3 thoughts on “Today marks two years of being MADD!

  1. Libby Hertzberg says:

    You are such a beautiful family! I feel blessed to have the chance to get to know you and your family.
    I am personally amazed by Chris and you! You both Shine God’s Love!
    We will be praying for you all and continued healing.

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