he will change your perspective

Half full~Half empty

Half full~Half empty (Photo credit: Jin_sama)

The innocence of a child…WOW how I long for that again. The naivety of not knowing the flaws of our friends and loved ones. That place sounds so peaceful. In the midst of all our hurt and pain from humans, sometimes we forget that God has no flaws; He never lets us down like those close friends or family have. He can’t! So why do we forget?

The enemy

It is his job to change your perspective on everything we learned in innocence. Just like he changed Eve’s perspective in the Garden of Eden. He caused her to focus on what was forbidden. Hmmm now in a garden full of beautiful trees, her mind zoned in on the one. The one that God forbade her to eat of. She lost sight of all that God had given, and could only see what He denied.

Sound familiar?

Don’t we in our sinful nature do the same thing? I know I zone in on the one thing that I asked God for and He hasn’t given yet. I tend to allow the enemy to let me get down in my spirits all because of this one thing. I know you can relate. What if we didn’t allow the enemy to infiltrate our minds? What if we could seek God every time he started on us with a negative thought and negative perspective? What if we could let God determine our optimism and stop allowing the enemy to change it to pessimism?

That would be powerful wouldn’t it?

What if we could say to the devil right now. I may not understand why God doesn’t want me to eat of this tree; but I am grateful for the trees He has given me. I recognize that you are trying to get me to focus on the negative, but I choose to remain positive in the midst of my misunderstanding.

What if?…….

We beat him at his own game. We didn’t allow him to change our perspective; he will try. After all it is his job, and no one can ever say he is bad at it.

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