30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 5

Day 5 November 5th

Today I am thankful for my number 2! My daughter Cyrita Tylanise….

I remember like it was yesterday, my cousin/best friend Syrita and I made a vow that whenever we had a daughter we would name her after one another.

Cyrita my seven year old mini me; she has changed my life! She is also the child who can get under my skin the most! Mainly because she always tends to correct me and let me know when I error. This is something I have taught her so well, that she won’t let me slide in the least bit:-)

Like my other children the thing I am most proud of us her love for The Lord. When I’m sick or tired she doesn’t care because she wants to go to church! When she was two years old she and Malachai found delight in their spare time praising God. I’ll never forget when she was no more than 9 months old; we heard a baby voice in her crib screaming “Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!”

Now she maintains her high praise for The Lord and she reminds her siblings when to repent. She even reminds me when I step out of line. I’m so thankful for my first princess Cyrita Tylanise Christian. I pray she continues to be a wonderful example of Christ’s love!


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