30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 8

Day 8 November 8th

Today I’m thankful for my husband Chris.

I know, I know…people are thinking: “it took you 8 days to mention him?” Haha the truth is I didn’t want my 30 days of thanksgiving to be generic. I honestly try to live through the day and let God guide me on who/what I choose to be thankful for and why.

Today I was sick to my stomach! I mean flu-like, vomiting, disgustingly sick. Once I got home I laid down and…..lol

I’m so thankful for the fact that although I’m a hands on mom, when I’m down I don’t have to worry for anything.
My hubby feeds the kids, makes sure they do their homework, takes care of the baby, and even me! He brings me food, meds, checks in on me, and for that I’m grateful.

I know it may seem cheesy but it means a lot. I’m thankful for a partner in life who steps in on the drop of a dime. Thank you Lord for my Chris, I appreciate all that he does.


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