30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 9

Day 9 November 9th

Today I am thankful for my mother in law.

We are currently on the road to Leompte, Louisiana; a small town my hubby was raised in. I am so excited at every opportunity to see my in laws, they are beautiful people.

My MIL is is pushing 70 but yet she still has three young foster boys in her home that they care for. What she provides for them is so much more than a temporary home.

The love, discipline, and values she teaches are unmatched. I don’t think they can be recreated in this lifetime. I can’t remember the exact number of how many foster sons she has raised; but I know she raised one who is very special to me-my husband:-)

My children know her as mommy and their grandpa as papi. They love going to spend time with them. I love it for them because it is a break from all the technology they have at home. There they sit on the floor and play with toys, action figures, and blocks:-) I just love that.

My mother in law and I have a wonderful relationship, I love talking with her and being around her. She has impacted this world and the lives of so many. I thank God He allowed my life to cross her path as well.

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