30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 11

Day 11 November 11th

Today I am thankful for safe travels

My husband and I are a spontaneous couple! I love how God found the perfect match for me. We will come gone one Friday evening and just decide at the lady minute to travel to another state, or take the kids to Disneyland (when we were still in Cali!).

Due to our spontaneous nature we don’t do a lot of problem road trip planning. I thank God that He knows that about us and picks up where we fall short. I’m not suggesting anyone cut corners; but what I am saying is God knows who we are and blesses us according to what we need.

Thank you Lord for being that Daddy who comes into my room in the middle of the night and replaces the covers over me. You know when I sleep too wild and it’s freezing and you always have my back:-) I love you!

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