30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 13

Day 13 November 13th

Today I am thankful for my third child Cyriah Dee

I can’t believe it has been 13 days already:-) this month is zooming by. I am thankful today for my five year old daughter Cyriah; she was nicknamed “Booty” by her daycare provider and it stuck!

Cyriah is my celebrity child! She performs for anyone, at anytime, anywhere! She is so loving and will walk up to complete strangers and share hugs and love! When we have company, it usually won’t take long for Cyriah to end up sitting on their laps.

When I was 6 months pregnant with her we had the horrible accident in which a drunk driver hit us and my husband lost his leg. I was so worried about her in my stomach; but God kept her. It was her that brought healing between us and the driver’s parents. During court I stepped into the restroom to change her 2 week-old bottom and his mother (who had previously ignored us) asked to see her. I smiled and asked if she would like to hold her; she burst into tears.

Cyriah is a dancer, singer, cheerleader, performer and more. I love her so much! Thank you Lord for allowing me to parent your princess! She has been a huge blessing to our family:-)


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