Love this thoughtful post on marriage from marriedwithtwins. This really gives us great insight on what it means to be married, and how we can catch ourselves when we “lose our way in our thoughts “. Hope you enjoy!

Married With Twins

You’ve been to this wedding. Two of your friends are totally in love. Life for them is a dream. No two people could be more compatible. He finishes her sentences. She sends him to work with lunches tucked with love notes for him to find.

A year later, you ask how her marriage is doing. You listen, but some of her comments cause you to raise your brows. Phrases like, “he’s not not home enough,” “he doesn’t do <insert need here> for me.”  Two years later, you hear they are filing for divorce. Ouch.

Mismatched Expectations

The Lie: In the movie Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise’s character declares his love to Dorothy (played by Renée Zellweger) saying, “you complete me.” And all the ladies in the room went “aaaaawe.” Oh, the romance.

The Truth: Truth is, no one can complete us but God.

Jerry Maguire had it wrong. This fictional…

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