30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 14

Day 14 November 14th

Today I’m thankful for……..

Like promised I wait until the end of the day to write what I’m thankful for. Today was particularly tough, not because I can’t find anything to be thankful for. But because today was so tiresome, so stressful, so heavy. When I came into prayer about what to share I kept thinking of all the negative things that bogged my mind down today.

I’m not perfect! I’m not always happy, nor am I always thankful! I utilize this month of thanksgiving to help myself recognize things I should be thankful for. I want to be able to see the great in my life when everything seems not so great. So today on November 14th, I am thankful in my circumstances. I am thankful in my fatigued body, my overwhelmed role, my irritated mind! I’m thankful! I’m thankful that even though I don’t always see the good in my situation, I still have plenty to be thankful for.

I’m thankful that my children are able to learn their Bible during Awanas at church. I’m thankful that my husband is patient with me when I wake up grouchy and irritated in my pregnant, hormonal state. I’m thankful that I don’t have to pretend to be perfect….that I can come to you flaws and all! I have no fear of what someone may think of me, because I know God has me covered! So thank you Lord for another day to give You praise. Thank you for another day of Your renewed grace and mercy.


The crew on the way to Awanas dressed in their LSU gear!

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