30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 16

Day 16 November 16th

Today I’m thankful for our move to Texas.

About 18 months ago our family of 6 packed up and moved to Texas. Does that sound simple? Well, it should because that’s exactly how it happened. We just literally packed our house, had movers, and started driving.

We knew we were coming to Dallas, but had no idea what city we were going to. God brought us to Texas, He brought us to McKinney.

We didn’t know anyone here; and still don’t know too many people. Sometimes I long for a close friend, but I realize I didn’t have that in California either. God brought us here to work on our core! Our family unit! We are doing that and I thank Him for showing us the path.

Texas has provided us with a closeness that we didn’t have before. In California we were always on the go…..I was involved in several superficial friendships. We have family there, but we weren’t as close as I’d liked to have been. Now, we spend more family time with the 7 (soon to be 8) of us. We are a close happy family unit. I have made critical decisions with my life and career and I couldn’t be more happy. Thank you Lord for guiding our path to Texas! We’re Texans now; and proud of it!


But always LSU fans!

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