30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 19

Day 19 November 19th

Today I am thankful for my little sis Janelle! ❤

God has blessed me to be able to an influence/mentor to many young girls. One of them being my little sis Janelle! Although she is not my biological sister you’d never know it!

I am thankful for Janelle for many reasons but the main one being that she always checks on me. She never forgets about me! I get so caught up in life and forget to reach out, but she’s always there!

I can remember many days when I was down, and there was a text from her. The genuineness in her checking on me shines through the phone. She’s such a sweet spirit and I’m so thankful to be a part of her life!
Thank you Lord for bringing Janelle in my life when she was merely 15, and allowing me to be there from then until…..love you sis!

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