30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 20

Day 20 November 20th

Today I am most thankful for Dramamine!

You’d think because I am on baby number six I’d be a pro at pregnancy by now. Nope! Lol I do enjoy bring pregnant, the whole anticipation and expectation. However, I am always so sick during pregnancy:-(

I try not to complain too much, because overall pregnancy is good to my body. As far as weight gain and how I carry; I have been truly blessed. However, when it comes to nausea and morning (all day) sickness….I am the queen of that.

Some days are easier than others, some pregnancies have been easier than others. As a general rule, my pregnancies with boys have been easier than the girls. Welp, this one is a girl! No luck there!

I am seven months and still vomiting at least once a day! I have tried the nausea medication my OB provided, but it hasn’t been working. Today I decided to go back to what I knew worked in the past.

Good old fashioned, OTC, Dramamine! I feel so much better since I took it! Whew! Thank you Jesus for Dramamine; let’s hope I can make it through these next 12 weeks:-)

Cyriah and mommy posing in the bathroom; 26 weeks!

One thought on “30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 20

  1. Good blog! Thanksgiving is a necessary, if annoying, reminder that so often I assume I ‘deserve’ things and don’t need to be thankful. I wrote an essay about it: http://bit.ly/P9fBuF

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