30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 21

Day 21 November 21st

Today I am thankful for my number 5 Cyniah Jenean!

If you follow my blog then you may notice I’ve skipped over baby number 4. I will get back to him, but today is Cyniah’s first birthday and I wanted to write about her today!

I’m thankful for all of my children, each of them really do add something different to the family. Cyniah has so much presence, she makes herself known from the moment she wakes up each day!

I’m thankful for her because I remember having a rough time in my pregnancy; I remember doubting God for placing her in my womb. I remember saying that four children were enough, and being influence by other’s opinions. I thank God because although I thought I knew what was best for my family, He ultimately knew! He decided and of course like everything else He makes…it was good!

Cyniah my precious baby girl! The drama filled baby, who won’t even let me put you down to go potty half the time: Our family loves you so much! A person cannot imagine the impact a new baby has on your older children, they shield and protect her like their own.

I love watching her scream “Gakai!” From the bottom of the stairs…when she is trying to call Malachai to come and get her:-) Thank you Lord for giving us Cyniah. We promise not to take these children for granted! Happy first birthday baby!


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