30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 23

Day 23 November 23rd

Today I’m thankful for contentment!

I have learned to be content! It’s funny because when I was thinking of what I was going to write about it dawned on me that the word contento in Spanish means to be happy!

In English we use the word content to actually mean more of being satisfied. I am satisfied but more than that I am happy! I’m content with my life, my marriage, my children, and my career (or soon to be lack of it lol).

I used to get upset when I gave my all to people and they couldn’t give me an inch. I used to be hurt when friends would turn their backs, or pretend like they didn’t see my need when I was going through. I used to be uncomfortable when family would pretend to my face and deceitfully say hurtful things behind my back. However, God has shown me that He has provided me with ALL I need. If I don’t have it….then I don’t need it!

God gives…He takes away! This includes people! Wow!! Blessed be the name of The Lord! Now during this season of thankfulness; I can honestly say that I am content! More appropriately “estoy contenta”! Thank you Lord for showing me my error and showing me how to be content with what You have given!

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