30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 24

Day 24 November 24th

Today I’m thankful for recognition and change.

Today was my Nukie’s first birthday party and I’m thankful for that. She had a lot of fun with and smashed her smash cake completely up! In the course of my day however, different things not related to the birthday party surfaced.

I was raised in an abusive home. I think children raised in abusive homes go one of two ways as they become parents: either they are all the way “left” meaning they won’t spank or discipline their children at all. Or they take on the same traits of their abusers and they are just as abusive to their children.

I have always known that I am one that has gone too far to the left! I have an extremely difficult time disciplining my children. Even though I know I am not my mother, I “feel” like her if I discipline my children. This has been an issue between my husband and I; this is because there is a disconnect between our parenting styles. This is not about spanking or not…but about disciplining in whatever form you choose and sticking with it. “Being disciplined with your discipline!” If you will!

I’m thankful because I’m willing to recognize that problem. I know that there is something wrong with the way I feel when it comes to parenting. I know I need to trust God and allow Him to guide my path. I’m thankful because I’m willing to try and face these challenges head on and stop running from them. I’m thankful for second, third, and fourth chances. I’m working on me….thank you Lord for allowing that!

Nukie and her cake!

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