30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 25

Day 25 November 25th

Today I’m thankful for my boy, Christopher-Noah Tyree!

He’s a handful, he’s four, he’s in charge, he’s the first to wake up, and usually the last to go to sleep, he’s fluent in Spanish but only speaks it when he wants to! He’s a character and he loves to show it! He’s my number four; my boy Noah!

He always makes me remind him that he’s my boy. He often asks me ” am I your boy mommy?” He loves hotels and gets excited when we are staying in one! Lol He is younger than Cyriah but def is the boss of their “Irish-twin ship”.

I’m so thankful for Noah….he is one of my true loves! He’s so sweet and a boy to the core! Mommy thanks God for you baby boy….you bring light to our lives!


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