30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 26

Day 26 November 26th

Yesterday I was thankful for family time!

Yesterday the children returned to school and we attempted to get back into the routine of things. I was determined to get our family structure back. Things went well and I was so pooped I didn’t have time to blog!

While I was working….family time, dinners together, had all become so pressing. We made it work for our family (well made it work for our mommy) and we would only have family dinners on Fridays. I was perfectly ok with that, because my sanity was most important!

Now that I am transitioning to become a SAHM, I really want to get back to things that matter. The return to school was the perfect time….so we started our dinners back at the table together! TV off! That’s a hard one for daddy! I am happy that we are able to get back in the swing of things. Thankful for these guys…I love them!


Got this wall decal from Target for $16.99! I put it in the niche before you enter my bedroom! What a blessed reminder!

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