30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 29

Day 29 November 29th

Today I am thankful for model homes!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE looking in model homes! I will make a pastime out of it. One of my fondest memories of growing up as a child was my mom taking us to look at model homes on Saturdays.

I’m not sure why she went, I think she liked the decorating ideas. However for me, it was so surreal! I would imagine the most girly room would be mine, and loved the feeling I would get from walking through the home.

Don’t get me wrong our home was nice…but model homes are always so up to date! They always have the latest and greatest! I love the staged look! I always told my mom I was going to have a company that stages model homes come stage mine:-)

Today, after a long time away. I visited some model homes. I think it has been since the summer since I have toured one. I got some great ideas for decorating my son’s room. I also was able to relax and be in that familiar scene! I love it! What’s your escape or little thing God provides for you? I think as long as there are model homes around, I won’t ever get too stressed! He always provides us a way of escape for us; even if its just from reality for a little while!

Love this for Malachai’s room! Daddy said he will make it! I love my handyman hubby too!

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