We almost got divorced over chicken broth!

Okay well we didn’t almost get divorced over it but we actually did argue. I thought about our argument and how something so simple escalated so quickly over chicken broth and I said to myself “could we have ended up in divorce court behind this?”

I wonder how many failed marriages ended up in divorce court over similar things, I mean the argument has to start somewhere right? Why not with chicken broth? Ok I know you’re dying to hear about the chicken broth argument:

I was cooking dinner, and washing dishes at the same time. I was in a bit of a rush to get dinner somewhat finished so I could take the children to Awanas. My husband came in the kitchen to do something and he noticed the meat was starting to stick to the pan (a nice way of saying burn). “This is about to burn”, he said. “Oh ok I just need to add some more chicken broth it will be ok!” I replied and I started to wash my hands so I could tend to it. He then grabbed the olive oil spray and started spraying the meat and pan down. I sat back and watched as he doused the pan.
“Well, what if I didn’t want the meat to taste like olive oil!” I smartly mouthed off.
“It won’t!”
“I told you I was going to add chicken broth!”
He looked at me and smirked! I grabbed the chicken broth and started to pour it in the pan. As he walked back to the living room he yelled
“That’s just gonna cook down again and burn!” I couldn’t help myself,
“Yeah because I’m gonna leave cooked meat on the stove for another 40 minutes…thank you!!!”

Why did I have to continue? Why couldn’t I have left it alone? He didn’t respond after that but I found myself coming up with responses in my head just waiting for the opportunity for a comeback!

While driving to church I realized how stupid that was. I realized that I was in no position to be the bigger person and I was ready for an all out war of the roses if provoked! So if I would have kept going and he would have kept going we could have eventually ended up in the worse place all over chicken broth!

I thought about how the enemy loves to distort our minds and make small things so much bigger. My thoughts went from him undermining my cooking ability to him not respecting me in a matter of seconds.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m exaggerating when I say we could have divorced. I certainly have no plans to divorce my hubby; but I’m eluding to how easily we let silly things cause arguments.

When I returned home, I of course apologized and asked for forgiveness I knew he was simply trying to help. He on the other hand wasn’t even phased. He had forgotten all about the whole incident. He had no idea that Swanson chicken broth was heading us right to the courthouse had God not intervened 🙂

What silly arguments can you recall? Isn’t it funny when we step outside our box and look at our silliness? I’m thankful that God shines that light on us so we can take notice!


7 thoughts on “We almost got divorced over chicken broth!

  1. hiddinsight says:

    So true. Most arguments are over small things. Better to let it out and apologize than hold it in. I have to admit this post made me smile…

  2. Shelly says:

    It is so easynfor small arguments to escalate. So often we just want to be right. It is always better to be right with God than to be right!

  3. Oh yes, my husband and I have had similar arguments and yes, just like your husband mine doesn’t even realize it was an argument which just annoys me more!! LOL!

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