December 7th We Remember

Today is a memorable one for the United States as well as Navy sailors. It is also a memorable one for my naval career; on this date 14 years ago I joined the US Navy. Today, I honorably separate.

My separation is”sweetbitter” I say that because it’s more sweet than bitter but there is a little bitterness. I am happy to be closing this chapter of my life. Very happy! I’m happy to know I will never again get called in for duty and leave my family, I will never again deploy for 6-8 months and leave my family, I will never again spend every 4-6 nights on a ship away from my family!

That is the sweetest part! The bitter part is knowing I was over the hump. Knowing this is all I’ve ever know since the ripe age of 19 years old. All my children know is that mommy is in the Navy; now that will change.

I’m thankful for the blessings,the great people I’ve met, the children I had, the love of my life…..all while serving in the US Navy. I have no regrets, I’ve stood the watch for as long as I could without sacrificing my family. That is something I’m proud of. Thank you to all who have served and are continuing to serve. God Bless America.


Me after my first deployment on the USS Nimitz CVN-68, and my oldest two babies!

One thought on “December 7th We Remember

  1. Congratulations and thank you for your dedicated service…
    Wishing you a wonderful new beginning…

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