“Because you’re ‘posed to have a Christmas Tree on Christmas!”

My five year old daughter Cyriah had to make a collage of how she and her family celebrate any holiday of her choice for kindergarten. Her teacher gave specific instructions on how the children were to “choose the topic, cut the pictures, glue, and paste all by themselves.” She let us parents know “we parents already had our turn in kindergarten!”

Cyriah chose the Christmas holiday; she chose some specific pictures out of a few magazines for her collage. The pictures included:

A cookie

A picture of Santa

A picture of the Nativity Scene

The words: GOD and Jesus Christ

A Christmas Tree

A puppy

A picture of people fellowshipping in Church

She had to give an explanation on why she chose each item; some of her explanations were really cute. I’ll share a few:

Nativity Scene explanation: This is baby Jesus, Mary and (looks up at me) what’s this guy’s name again?

Puppy explanation: Puppies sometimes dig around in the snow on Christmas, and I want one too 🙂

Christmas Tree explanation: Because you’re ‘posed to have a Christmas Tree on Christmas!

I thought about all the FB chatter I have seen and all the division amongst Christians during this holiday season. Christmas Tree or no Christmas Tree! Pagan worship! Trick or Treat or no Trick or Treat! Pagan worship! Pagan worship! Pagan worship!

I have seen Christians fight tooth and nail over what the Bible “really says” and whether or not we are wrong or right by celebrating what we celebrate! My question is: what does that have to do with kingdom building? What does that have to do with leading the lost to Christ? Why are we bickering amongst one another?

I believe God convicts (or doesn’t convict) each of us individually. I don’t know what He told you about how you worship but I know what He told me. I know at five years old my baby girl went through a magazine on HER OWN and picked out the words “Jesus Christ” and “GOD” when it related to Christmas. I know she knows the story of the birth of Christ; I know she knows Him to be her salvation. That is not particular to her, because all my other children would do the same.

I know I raise my children to love Jesus first and foremost! I raise them to give Him their all and commit daily to prayer and Bible reading. I also know that we have Christmas Trees and lights during Christmas and we will continue to have them until God tells ME to remove them. Why? Because like Cyriah said ” you’re ‘posed to have a Christmas Tree on Christmas!”



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