Happy New Year!

Usually I start the New Year going over all the mistakes of the previous. My hubby and discuss what mistakes we don’t want to make again and vow to do better. It was usually an ongoing cycle. This New Year I am thankful because we are simply transitioning. I have nothing to bring to the mistake conversation and neither does he. Woo Hoo! We are just thankful! I decided to write a few interesting facts about myself to start this year off:

1. I am 6’2 inches tall. Quite tall for a woman I know! I used to have a complex about my height as a teen but I love it now 🙂

2. I am horrified of midgets! I know that sounds weird but the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is responsible. The umpa lumpas really did a number on me as a child. I have had nightmares about being locked in a room with like 30 midgets. It was not good at all!

3. I have a big problem with people who identify others by their race. I don’t say (or allow my kids to say) look at that “black girl or white girl” and I’ll be happy when we as a world can simply get passed that.

4. I don’t like to drink out of real glasses or cups. I prefer big red plastic cups for all my drinks! We have plenty here at the house and that’s usually all I use 🙂

5. I’m not fond of little boys with long hair. It really irks me. I prefer clean cut and shaven male species 🙂

6. I eat butter and sugar on my rice. My husband thinks that’s weird of me so I’ll make mention! I won’t eat it any other way!

I guess those are the most off the wall things about me lol! I had to share!

Worshipping our King in 2013!



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. jmphotography says:

    I love your story about midgets. That whole movie used to freak me out as a kid! And I can relate to the way you eat rice. While I don’t add sugar, butter tastes really good on rice. Great post!

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