His faithful covering!

My 1 year old Cyniah (Nukie) took her first steps on December 20th, 2012. I didn’t make a big Internet splash and blast it on Facebook. The reason being is because I was actually pretty sad. That’s pathetic isn’t it? Even though I have another baby brewing and about to make her appearance any day now; I wanted to hold on to Nukie’s baby stages as long as possible.

Now she is walking all over the place and turning circles around with her siblings! Agh!!! How does this happen? How do they grow so fast? I’m so afraid of the day when I try to pick her up and she arches her back to get down. That dreadful day when babies would rather get there on their own power than to be carried by mommy.

It made me think of how our Father in heaven must feel when we spitefully run from under His covering. In Nukie’s case she needs to explore and learn to travel these halls on her own; but in our case we are never safe when we leave His safety. But just like I follow behind my Nukie, ready to catch her when she stumbles….. Just like I make the now treacherous hike upstairs to replace the covers over my babies in the middle of the night…..He is always there to protect us. When we stray and make silly mistakes, He is there placing spiritual covers over us while we sleep peacefully!

The difference between me and a baby like my Nukie is I now understand the significance of my God’s grace. I am so thankful for His faithfulness to me despite my ventures! Thank you Jesus!


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