Number 6 will join us soon!

I have had my last three babies at either 34 or 35 weeks gestation. By the grace of God none of them have had any major problems. My last baby had to stay in the NICU for a short time; but other than that they have been healthy. Small but healthy!

I thought for some reason I would be able to hang on with number 6 until 40 weeks; but my OB just confirmed that I will most likely be induced soon. Now that I am close to 34 weeks I am starting to get a little anxious. Anxious about seeing her precious little face, but nervous about her health. I am also nervous that my one year old may have a hard time with the new baby. I have been able to suppress these feelings for the most part, but with the reality of the new baby coming they are setting in.

When my husband heard the news he announced how not ready he was! I thought it was funny at first, but then realized how not ready I am. Now is when the feelings of uncertainty start to attack my mind. I am uncertain as to whether I can be a good mom to 6 babies at once. Will she be healthy? Will everything go ok with delivery? Will Cyniah resent me for bring another baby home so soon? So many uncertainties, I’m praying for peace. I know God has this under control. Here’s to our new addition, praying for her health and a peaceful delivery.

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