Head colds, fever, Hemorrhoids, and a Facebook Fast!

That title is a mouthful isn’t it? We have been going through a storm here in the Christian household. My youngest two and I developed these killer head colds, complete with fever and a horrible cough. It has been a challenge to tend to them and myself at the same time. My husband has been Mr. Mom as much as he possibly can. Boy oh boy I’ll be glad when we’re feeling better.

I am toward the end of my pregnancy and I have developed a thrombosed hemorrhoid! I know that’s probably TMI so I’ll spare the gory details. However, I will say that this is extremely painful! I have to go see a proctologist tomorrow, and we will go from there. Sigh!

On another note, I have decided to do a Facebook fast! I am logging off for 40 days and 40 nights. My focus will be my Bible and prayer. For those of you who are on Facebook and notice this blog post, it comes through automatically….so no I am not cheating on my fast πŸ™‚
Today was day 1/40! I have been so sick I can’t really say I noticed much of a difference in my life, except for the desire to post status updates explaining how sick I am 😦
If this goes well I think I’m going to stay off Facebook permanently! I must say it will be tough so we will see!

4 thoughts on “Head colds, fever, Hemorrhoids, and a Facebook Fast!

  1. grammygrace says:

    Bless your heart. I’ll sure be praying for you ALL!

  2. Wishing the best for you and your family and good luck on the last leg of your pregnancy!

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