Out of the homes onto the front lines!

With the news that Defense Secretary Panetta plans to lift the ban on women serving in the front lines of combat; my spirit was stirred to comment. I’m saddened to see the turns the military has taken, not just on this issue but several others. Turns that force women who want to be women out of the military. Being a mother and wife is looked at negatively while serving. I can’t tell you how many times I was “counseled” on my inability to separate my motherhood from work. While the women who were willing to either:
a) put off having children or
b) send their children away to be raised by someone else were praised. I felt so uncertain while trapped in the arms of the devils military; sometimes I felt I would lose my mind.

I remember females in supervisory positions counseling young women on where and why they should abort their unplanned child. Right in my office! It made me sick to my stomach to listen to the horrible explanations given of why this was the best decision.

The worst thing is they pin other women against you. My female supervisors were the worst at criticizing. Often punishing me for putting my children first, I was lucky to have thick skin but I wild be lying if I told you I didn’t cry many a nights. They tried to play on your emotions as a woman and then flip it to how you were letting the Navy down, and try to force you into submission. Never once was I counseled on alternatives to the military so that I could choose motherhood first. I was counseled several times on birth control, abortions, and sending my children to a grandmother to care for them so I can be the “sailor they knew I was capable of being!”

Now comes my question of whether there will be support for the women who don’t want to choose combat. The answer is NO! More women will be criticized and forced to get with the program or be given low evaluations, crap duty and disrespected. More women will be looked down upon for choosing to have children with their spouses. The truth of the matter is for a woman who is comfortable in her role which was given to her by Our Creator, the military is no place for you. Pretty soon we won’t have a choice; what is to stop the women from registering for selected service now? Who will stand for the women who actually want to be wives and mothers? I’m afraid those roles are becoming the minority. It’s time to get thick skin and pray for our daughters and families.

The enemy’s plans include anything that turns you from what God created you to be. Our society is falling deep into the trap. I’m thankful I took heed to the Lord’s warnings for me to get out of the military. I’m praying for the ones who are too lost to do so.

Photo credit: newsdiscovery.com

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