Oh No! Not Lady Sybil!

So in a tragic turn of events Lady Sybil dies from eclampsia after giving birth. I’m speechless! I honestly did not think she would die! I was in tears after watching! I think Downton Abbey may be hitting home for me. I can’t believe I reacted the way I did. Well, maybe I can….I do cry every time I watch Pretty Woman. But this just really shocked me, so much so I had to write about it!

The acting on Downton Abbey is absolutely superb! Even though Cora and I are furious at Lord Grantham right now; his reactions are what set off my tears. I may need to take a Downton Abbey break until after I have the baby! This was just too much to swallow! My husband thinks I’m crazy, but this was an absolute tear jerker. 😦

Downton Abbey fans what do you think? I needed a parental advisory warning at the beginning of this one for strong tear jerker content!


Photo credit: theartsdesk.com

5 thoughts on “Oh No! Not Lady Sybil!

  1. I knew at the beginning of Season 3 that Lady Sibyl was going to die after giving birth. But, I didn’t think that she would die until the end of Season 3. However, the acting scene was very good, and I did cry.

    Take it easy!

  2. homemum says:

    Thanks for your comment and best wishes with the new baby! ‘Buy nothing new month’ is really about challenging what you think you ought to have vs what you need and is really a bit of fun with a serious edge. You will have an exciting enough challenge with number 6. Incidently… Downton Abbey gets even more dramatic on the Christmas issue which was aired in England in December!

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