Let’s Cut Lord Grantham a Lil slack!

It’s funny how Downton Abbey has so much effect on us avid watchers. I have been diligently reading and posting on blogs about Lady Sybil’s recent death (sigh).
I don’t consider myself a Downton Abbey expert or even qualified to actually write about it. However, since it’s a topic we all love; I see some avenues where I can shed some light.

Firstly, the response of women to Lord Grantham is mind boggling! I have seen posts where women are ready to have his head! There are posts where women are saying if Cora doesn’t leave him they won’t continue to watch! Ouch! That seems rather harsh! Is that the only answer? Have we as American women taken this liberal movement too far? Are we really setting the right examples for our children and peers by our lack of the ability to forgive?

Okay, I know someone is saying why in the world is she writing all this about a fictional show? The answer is I’m actually not! I’m writing this because of our opinions as women. The show may be fictional but our feelings are not. I can’t help but wonder if Cora had been our best friend or sister would we give her the same misguided advice?

Yes I agree Robert was wrong! He was arrogant and stubborn and refused to listen. This resulted in the death of his youngest daughter. However, we don’t know if she would have died whether he listened to Dr. Clarkson or not. Secondly, Robert has always been arrogant and stubborn. That’s who he is! I do recall his arrogance working out for the greater good several times during the course of the show. For instance, it was his arrogance that would not allow him to fire Mr. Bates when everyone from Carson to Cora wanted him gone. It was also his arrogance which kept his home in order when cousin Isobel and Dr. Clarkson were spatting with Cora over the way the hospital would run at Downton Abbey.

The point I’m trying to make is marriage is much more sacred than what we give it credit for. There are times when our spouses are going to make the worst mistakes. These mistakes are just that! Should we throw them to the dogs because they show weakness? I don’t doubt that Robert is suffering from the loss of his daughter. Isn’t that enough? Or must we as women put on this facade that we are so strong and equal to men that if they make one false move they are out the door? That is the response I’m feeling from the tone in these write ups.

So let’s vow to cut our husbands a little slack. Whether they are arrogant and stubborn in nature or not. I know we are smart enough to figure out ways to get our points across. After all my grandmother always said the man may be the head, but a good woman is the neck. Let’s encourage one another to be the necks, and not so quick to dislodge from the body when our head messes up 🙂 That’s my lesson for today and it came courtesy of our favorite British soap Downton Abbey! Thanks for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Let’s Cut Lord Grantham a Lil slack!

  1. I will cut Lord Grantham some slack!

    I’m not sure if it was arrogance or fatherly over protection of Lady Sibyl that caused him to bring in a specialist. Perhaps, it was a lot of both. But, even if they had time to take her to the hospital, there was still no guaranty that a C-section would have prevented her death.

    What fans have to realize is that child birth was a risk of that period, even today! Plus, Jessica Brown Findlay (Lady Sibyl) wanted to leave the show, so Julien Fellowes killed her off.

    • Thanks for the comment! I didn’t know she wanted to leave! WOW who would want to leave such a success? I guess she has her reasons, but you are right. In that case she would have died regardless 😦

      • WARNING!

        Don’t read any of the blogs about Downton Abbey or watch the videos. Because the UK citizens who have seen Season 3 have let the cats out of the bag!

        If you did not know that Lady Sibyl wanted to leave the show, you are going to be really blind-sided by what’s going to happen next!

        My lips are sealed!

      • AGHHH! Ok I will stop reading. I was so happy I didn’t come across the news that she was going to die before hand; it was such a shock. I will stay off the Downtown Abbey newsfeed 🙂 Thanks for the advice!

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