Discharge Day!

It’s discharge day here in hospital land and I always dread discharge day. Not because I’m actually being discharged; but because of all the complications that always accompany this day. This now being my sixth rodeo I am actively trying to take a part in making sure I don’t relive the past horrors.

1. They always discharge me hours before my baby. There’s nothing worse than being in pain or hungry and not able to recurve meds or food because I’m technically discharged. This becomes a waiting game (usually hours long) and it’s so frustrating!

2. I mistakenly plan my day around the time they quote me. Yeah not doing that again! I always end up in a rut with the care of my other children trying to keep up with false deadlines.

So, I’m a pro this time! I let the nurses know what I expected and laid down the law.

Update: It’s now 3pm and I’m just now leaving! I had to fight for my lunch and afternoon Motrin! Ha! So much for me being a pro 🙂


Goodbye Nurse Inez…the best L&D nursery nurse ever!

One thought on “Discharge Day!

  1. Anka says:

    Aw, my friend, I hope you’re at home now. Nestled and snug with your hubby and beautiful babies. Get some rest and don’t forget to eat when you can. Nursing a baby makes you sooooo hungry!

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