The (not so) Welcome Home!

Call me naive but I somehow thought things would be easier than they are panning out to be. I’m no superwoman but I definitely didn’t think I’d feel this defeated, overwhelmed, and frustrated after the first night home! The truth is its only been one day, but it’s been a long day! Cyniah is not at all happy with baby Cylina being here! Couple that with an ear infection and fever and you have a “tantrum cocktail!” She’s been screaming bloody murder non stop and doesn’t take kindly to me tending to her sister.

Cylina doesn’t like her daddy! I can’t get her to relax with him for the 10-15 mins it takes me to go to the bathroom! *note to self: find out how you managed to spoil a 3 day old baby*
As I type she’s screaming her Lil head off with her overwhelmed daddy! I’m stuffing my face trying to get something down so I can take these pain meds!

Prayers please?! I’m quite a bit overwhelmed and we’re only on day one! I know we will make it through the tough times with your prayers and support! I must return to my world of chaos, this was a nice small escape 🙂

3 thoughts on “The (not so) Welcome Home!

  1. Oh my! I can only imagine how overwhelmed you are! Take care and sending prayers your way!

  2. Oh my goodness! You have my well wishes and prayers for sure! If I were nearby, I would offer to help… I hope you have other helpers — and that you can find a little time to rest here and there. You are an incredible woman!
    Hugs to you!

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