Reckless Friends Breed Reckless Situations

(I’m trying something a bit different and sharing a personal experience. This was one of my many life lessons and a milestone in my life. I learned to be a bit more mature and cautious after I went through this. I won’t bore you with a long story so I’ll write it in two or three parts…)

I was 19, it was my first experience away from home. I’d just joined the US Navy and was thrown into a whole new world. It was a world full of things this sheltered girl had no idea existed. Here I was, so innocent and so trusting. It was nothing for me to become friends with any and everyone. I loved people; after all that is what I was taught. To love:-)
It wasn’t long after boot camp that I met a girl who others considered too wild for their company. She was pretty much out there! However when I saw her I saw through that; when I met her parents I saw a loving family. She was my friend and I wasn’t going to allow her behaviors to influence me or let alone stop me from befriending her.
At first it seemed as though she understood my position. She kept the things she did to herself. I never questioned her or involved myself in the rumors I heard. We had an agreement and it was working. That was until a frightful night in March of 1999. Everything changed within me and everything changed within our friendship.

We took the train to her home on the South side of Chicago. We would stay the weekend, we had done this a few times before. This particular time she was dead set on going to a party at the community college there. I didn’t mind the party, I was more concerned with the logistics. How are we getting there and how are we getting back? She was not concerned at all! She asked her mother to drop us off and told her “we would find a way back.” That was one of the deciding moments for me. I should have spoken up, but I didn’t………..

To be continued…….

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