Reckless Friends….part 2

I honestly don’t remember much about the party. There were a lot of people, and a pool. My memories are completely zoned in on what happened afterward.
There we were, two 19 year old girls walking down the street with no ride home. To add we were in one of the worst cities in America. We walked past a gas station where a car full of college guys began to summon us. My free spirited friend walked right to the car, she began to flirt and she let them know that we needed a ride home. Of course they offered to take us!
Four men in total and she hopped right in the car! I stood there like a deer stuck in the middle of the road. What would I do?
“Come get in the car!”
“No”, I replied.
“What are you going to do? Stay out here by yourself?”
I assessed the situation. I had maybe $3 in my pocket, not nearly enough to call a taxi. Even if I had enough money where would I go? I have no idea where I am. I don’t know her parents’ address or phone number (this was before iPhones). I found myself in a totally unsafe situation. I decided to take my chances, I got into the car. I was praying they would take us to her house. The second deciding moment…..failed yet again:-(

“We’re just going into his house for a minute so he can get more gas money. We will chill and then he will take us home I promise! Relax! Stop being so California!”, her words to me.
Why did I allow her irrational behavior to calm my fears? I knew she was full of crap! I knew it, but I wanted to believe she was telling the truth. One of my bad qualities: I shy away from conflict. It was easier for me to go against my feelings and go along with her. This way there would be no drama.
As soon as I sat down and relaxed, I turned to look for her and she was gone. Conveniently one of the guys disappeared too! It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where they were. What would my parents say if they could see me, I was in a strange basement apartment with three strange men looking at me. Each one deciding who I would like best. The driver of the car spoke up,
“So have you ever had sex with more than one dude at the same time?”
My heart began to beat rapidly. I’m going to be raped by three men! I needed to do something, but what?

“No, actually I haven’t, (I cleared my throat) can you tell me where the bathroom is?”

He told me, I went inside and locked the door and sat on the toilet. I began to sob uncontrollably; I couldn’t figure out how I allowed myself to get into this situation! I KNEW BETTER!

About five minutes into my cry one of the guys began to knock on the door. He was actually the nice looking one. He was asking me if I was ok. He let me know his friend was out of line for the question he asked. He said all the right things; I didn’t care. I told him I just wanted to go home. I let him know I wasn’t like my friend and I shouldn’t have come here.

“I know you’re not like her! Don’t worry no one is going to hurt you.”

“I really just want to go home please!”
He promised me he would take me home if I just opened the door. No way! I didn’t trust him.

” Look it’s my birthday, and I’m trying to have a good night. You’re a very pretty girl, I just want to get to know you better.”
“Please! I just want to go home!”

Just then I heard another knock and a familiar voice.
“Keitha what’s wrong? Open the door.”
I went back and forth with her through the door. I had no intentions of letting her in either. After about 20 minutes she convinced me to open the door. We talked I shared with her that I’m not comfortable taking these risks. She presented to understand, she apologized. We strategized on how to get out of there. Then a knock on the door. It was the birthday boy again. He explained to her how he just wanted to talk to me. She gave me a deceitful look. I told her not to even think about it. Before I could get up she opened the door, and traded places with him. He closed the door behind him, locked it and smiled. Jesus!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Reckless Friends….part 2

  1. hiddinsight says:

    My heart is beating faster and all my popcorn just fell on the ground. I hope this story has a better ending than I am imagining…

  2. Kristine Casey says:

    Where’s the rest? Did I miss it? 😦

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