Motherhood Ramblings

Today my second baby turns 8! It seems like yesterday I remember welcoming my first daughter into the world.
Now I have six kids! I love each of them so very much; but I’d be dishonest if I said I didn’t feel guilty sometimes. I see parents with one or two children and I feel like their kids get so much more individual focus. There are constant postings on Facebook about how little Johnny learned to tie his shoe, now he’s riding a bike, then he learned the definition of a new word, etc etc.
I find myself jogging my brain trying to remember the times each one of my children accomplished certain tasks. “Tying shoes….did I write that down in their book?”
I imagine a 30 year old child of mine coming over for Christmas and telling me how hurt he or she is because I never filled in all those pages of their baby books.
“Mom you only wrote the date I got my first tooth. There are 19 other teeth you were supposed to document!” it sounds silly I know but I wonder.
Society gives us the impression that there just isn’t enough love and attention for more than the average 2.5 kids. The truth is we only get one shot at this motherhood thing and I’m praying that I’m doing it right.

Our first complete family picture after Cylina Lovey-Grace. This was taken at church yesterday with a woman we’ve become very close to here in Texas. She’s our surrogate mom/grandma.

4 thoughts on “Motherhood Ramblings

  1. Lori says:

    Don’t feel bad. I only have three kids and I don’t think I wrote down anything for them. I’m not sure if my twins even have baby books:( However, they do love hearing stories of when they were little. That seems to make them feel special!

  2. Maya says:

    You can do it through God’s grace! Pray to Him to show you if you need to do more, or give you a peace that you are on track. My feeling is you are probably on track and that’s just condemnation from the enemy. šŸ™‚ I just read the other day that Susana Wesley (John Wesley’s mom) had 19 kids. Woah! And she raised a pillar of the modern church. In fact, you’ve already encouraged me as a mom. Thanks for all that you share with us!

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