I need to be still and get my life organized! I feel the call to get too many things in order at once. It’s overwhelming! I’m not sleeping…but getting my girls to sleep is overwhelming at this point so I sacrifice. Too much sacrifice and not enough productivity. I feel like I’m running too fast and can’t get where I need to be. Days without the children are days spent catching up on sleep and not being productive. I need peace…still water peace! Yes Lord I know you’re the answer but honestly I can’t find a way to consistently squeeze you in. Agh that sounds bad but it’s as unveiled as I can get. It’s raw and it’s real! I want you here, I don’t know how to back up and let you lead. I often pray that you will just take the wheel…but you don’t! Maybe it’s because I’m still in the drivers seat?! I get that. But how do I switch over when I’m going 100mpg full speed?! I know you can slow me down. But please don’t do it in a manner that will hurt me. I can’t take another heavy pain. You know I can’t! Our family is still in recovery from 2007!

7 thoughts on “UNveiled

  1. hiddinsight says:

    He has promised to never lead your side…He has NOT promised to take over. Wherever you are, there He is.

  2. Krissy says:

    His response to your prayers through silence is the GRACE that sustains you. Don’t sweat the small stuff. We all as mothers have had to figure out what is most important and has to be done and what can wait. Right now, rest and accept the GRACE God has saturated you in.

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