There’s sumthin livin in my vents!

The culprits are living in the vents right above our master bathroom. I discovered them during my last month of pregnancy with Cylina. Those frequent trips to the restroom at dawn were greeted with an unexpected sound. The first time I heard them I thought I might be dreaming. It was the most horrid sound. It’s kind of indescribable; they sounded like a pack of wolves fighting for food above my head. I scrambled back to my bed completely petrified. My husband was sound asleep; I wanted to wake up but couldn’t bring myself to do so.

I only hear them at dawn, and when you’re sleepwalking to the bathroom it’s easy to convince yourself that what you heard wasn’t real. One morning the sound was just unbearable. I imagined rabid raccoons falling through the ceiling and attacking me as I sat on the toilet! I had to wake up my honey.

Waking him in the middle of the night is not an unforgivable act or anything. However it does take a lot for him to get up out of the bed as an amputee. I wouldn’t dare wake him unless it was something serious. This, was serious! My husband being the Southern man that he is… in the protecting business. It’s his job to make sure we are protected and provided for, he does that quite well. All that said, of course he hopped up and put his prosthesis on and headed to the scene. This journey began at 4 am and he ended up on the roof, scanning the vents etc. He was on a mission like a real life “Turtle Man”.

After hours of investigating he concluded that they were not rabid raccoons at all. They were simply birds! Birds! A family of birds built a nest in our vents and the horrid sound I was privy too was the morning feedings. We decided to allow them to stay for the time being. I’m not pregnant anymore so I’m not often sleepwalking to the toilet at 4am. But every now and then I am near the bathroom at that hour and I hear what I once thought were filthy rabid beast 🙂


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