Engage me today if you’ve ever been here: You are at your wits end in a situation, you really feel like throwing in the towel. Then all of a sudden there is an advertisement for a conference, or church service, or maybe your closest girl friends decide to get together for dinner. You think to yourself “I am going to go, maybe I will get the answer I am looking for.”

You are excited to go, and ready to bare all. All you need is a safe place, a place where you can see that you are not alone. You can receive a bit of healing just by the fact that you are not the only woman praying this prayer. While there, she is speaking. She can be your friend, the women’s fellowship leader, the host of this special conference. You think that she is going to say something that you can relate to. She is going to be real! You can feel it! Then all of a sudden she lets out her “real”. Turns out the worst thing she has ever done was to forget to warm her husband’s plate to the proper temperature for dinner.


Or your friend (you know the friend whose husband is sleeping around with everyone besides her) carries on with her facade that everything is ever so perfect in her marriage. She goes on and on about how they have never had any problems, and all is well in paradise.

Why are women so phony to one another? Why can’t we truly be real when it comes to what we are going through? I wish I had the answer to these questions. I can’t tell you how many times I have been to some “fresh, exciting, women’s conference only to hear the speakers sugar coat their problems. I’m sorry but if the worst thing that has happened to you is when you were 10 mins late with dinner, then you and I cannot relate.

I understand every marriage is not plagued with infidelity, or abuse. I am certainly not leading up to suggesting that. What I am stating however, is that there are times when every woman feels overwhelmed. Times when all of our self-esteem is low, and times when we feel like we are doing it all wrong. That is what makes us women, and what makes us human. We need to be real with each other so others can know they are not alone.

In a perfect world we could take off our “everything is perfect” masks and just bare it all. Not to every woman we encounter of course. But if you have close friends and they don’t know the real you; then something is quite wrong. We put so much effort into the cover-up we miss the mark on what our true purpose is. If God has given you a trial and you cover it up and never let anyone know you had it. When you get through it and have overcome it, who gets the glory? It certainly isn’t God.

I was blessed to attend a conference given by this woman. She was so raw and real it really took me by surprise. I have yet to see someone bare all, but yet walk in such confidence from The Lord. She has no idea who I am and doesn’t even know I am writing about her at all. I just want to share her with you, if you are looking for a real woman who gives some real insight on the struggles of wife, mommy, and christianity…she is your girl. I am trying to get there:-) Her name is Lara Williams and you can find her blog here. Blessings



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