A Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

This morning I had to make a stop at the UPS store. I had a few things to ship and mail. While inside I noticed a mom who was there with her small son. He appeared to be about 3 years old, and because I am an expert at guessing the ages on little ones…..I’d say he was definitely 3.
Anyway, she was making copies and he was in the corner playing with the toys the store has there for toddlers who are dragged in there with their parents. I thought to myself how great of a mommy she was; she had her boy with her at all times and he behaved so well.

When she finished and they approached the counter he started to protest because he didn’t want to leave. The clerk joked, ” He doesn’t want to leave!” Then she responded and it totally “woke me up”.

“You know! He is driving me crazy! I am off today, and it’s my only day off and he decided to get sick! Now they won’t take him at daycare and I have to drag him along with me all day! What a wasted day off!”
The clerk was male and he said “well hopefully your whole day isn’t wasted?!”
She shrugged her shoulders and grabbed him and hopped into her Medcedes SUV and drove off.

That stung me….gosh it still stings.
I’m not writing about this to judge her, it stung me because that was me! I was the mom who put work first and wanted the kids fit into the box I conveniently made for them. I thought I was better than others because I made my children’s box with so much more room, and exciting gifts to make their stay more comfortable! Man oh man! That was me!
I am thankful for change and thankful for the little things. Although I’m still learning, Im thankful to have torn down the walls of those very boxes. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to sometimes revert back to them. But it’s times like these that put things back into perspective.

This is an example of how God shows me how He has elevated me. Can you relate? What are some things God has elevated you from?


4 thoughts on “A Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

  1. Joanne Marsh says:

    In reading this I vow in the name of Jesus to speak at least 1 encouraging word to others I hear with hearts of stone and who are blinded to the important things in life. I am guilty of not speaking up more to strangers. I need a WWJD tattoo to glance upon for encouragement I think? I wonder if that would work like Superman donning his cape? LOL

    • Thank you for commenting Joanne! You reminded me that I could have stepped up and spoke an encouraging word to her as well. I think I was so ashamed in that moment; ashamed because I saw how I used to be!

  2. Joanne Marsh says:

    These are just moments God places in our lives where He knows we need growing. Now we have learned. Now we’re prepared! 😉 I could NOT believe what I read after commenting here with the word CAPE!
    Check this out!
    The bottom line for me personally was James 1:2-3. The testing of your faith produces patience. The word translated “patience” means to have staying power or the ability to endure…or in my life lately “fight the good fight with patience!”
    WOW! AMEN! 😀

  3. Joanne thanks for that link…that was right on! You are so right. God is building our character with every trial. I know I would not be the woman I am today with them….thanks so much!

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